Virtue Keepsake

 Virtue Keepsake

Virtue Keepsake is a collection of finely finished lockets made from 925 Silver with Rhodium, Gold and Rose Gold plating. There are two styles (plain or Cubic Zirconia encrusted) both available in two sizes, 23mm and 32mm.

There is a diverse range of inter-changeable discs that fit perfectly into the lockets. These come in a series of finishes, materials and designs.

The discs can be stacked within the locket producing a truly customiseable apprearance matching your own style.

This can be changed throughout the day to match your outfit, whether it be for the office or a night out.

Also available is an engraving service that means you can have a loved ones image or message engraved forever onto a Silver disc. This is the perfect way to capture a memory to last a lifetime. 

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